Kelsey DeMeyer

Hi There!

I'm Kelsey!

I’m an Interior Designer, Business and Marketing Professional, born and raised Prairie Gal and Rescue Puppy Momma.

I’m a coffee obsessed, food loving individualist who is fascinated with all things design. I’m a strong believer that good design can help to improve people’s lives by allowing them to live and work in spaces that truly reflect their needs, wants, personalities, and values. Did I peak your interest? Read my story to learn more about how I can help you elevate your home, your workspace, your business, and your life. 

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Want all the goods on design, food, life, and more? I’ll give you tips and tricks to create the home of your dreams and resources to design a workspace that actually works for your employees. While there are plenty of great decorating blogs out there, this isn’t one of them. I’m not going to teach you how to style your bookcase or find the perfect rug. I want to go a bit deeper than that. Good design isn’t about following trends, it’s about how the space makes you feel. It should speak to your soul. Your home and your workspace should be an extension of you. Your needs, wants, ideas, values, personality, and tastes. 

Your Well Designed Life Awaits… 

Want Some Pinterest Inspiration?
I Got You!

I LOVE Pinterest! It’s such a beautiful and effortless way to organize your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration in every aspect of your life. I’m constantly adding new pins and I want to offer my Pinterest boards as a source of inspiration for you! Head on over to my Pinterest page to check out my carefully curated collection that I know you’ll love! Whether you are searching for Boho Chic, Modern Country, Kitchen Solutions, or Colorful Interiors and so much more I’ve got you covered! Don’t see the inspiration you are looking for? Shoot me a message and I’ll add a board tailored to your vision!